Rectangular trampolines
  • Rectangular trampolines

Rectangular trampolines

Trampolines are mainly associated with a round structure, but they don't have to! There are completely different shapes, including rectangular trampolines.

The popularity of round trampolines resulted mainly from the fact that companies starting on the market relied on the basic product, with a view to gradual development of the offer. Along with the growing interest in jumping, for example in the garden, the creativity of customers began to move in other directions as well.

Rectangular trampolines do not differ in their properties from their round counterparts. In practice, you can even say that they are more interesting play devices, because jumps on a round trampoline activate the entire network of springs, which work evenly during the breakout. On the other hand, with rectangular trampolines, the arrangement of springs looks a bit different and the highest intensity is always in the place of the jumper, which causes a more dynamic jump to a higher level. Construction - the frame of a rectangular trampoline is also adapted to higher loads due to uneven, different spring work at jumps. Rectangular trampolines can be used not only for fun, but also for sports training, focused on greater physical effort.

Technical parameters:

Foundation depth
40 cm
The dimension of the mat to the jump
Device use zone
450cm x 450cm