Trampolines for the disabled
  • Trampolines for the disabled

Trampolines for the disabled

Great fun does not have to avoid people with disabilities! There are special trampolines that are adapted for those who use wheelchairs.
Rectangular surfaces are adapted to intensive use and trampoline jumping by disabled people. It is simply necessary to assist another person.
Trampolines for the disabled can also be combined, creating, for example, a crater field. The fun can therefore take place not only alone, but also by a larger group of children, adolescents or adults, while at the same time integrating the whole group.
Trampolines for the disabled are completely safe, made of durable elements, adapted to intensive use. It ensures the stability of the entire structure and reduces the risk of unforeseen falls or injuries. People in wheelchairs do not have to worry about the pressure exerted by the devices, because trampolines are so-called vandal proof.

Technical parameters:

Foundation depth
40 cm
The dimension of the mat to the jump
Device use zone
450cm x 450cm