Round trampolines
  • Round trampolines

Round trampolines

Round trampolines are a great element for fun on the playground or for your garden. In addition to a smile, you can also add intense physical effort.

Trampoline can engage many parts of our body during jumps. Thanks to this, they not only ensure great joy of the participants, but also take care of jumping, coordination, balance and endurance. In short, trampolines are good for your health.

Round trampolines - a great form of fun

Round trampolines come in different sizes and, as a rule and safety, are only suitable for play by one person. However, it is worth noting that the trampolines are not only used by children. Adults can also join in the fun outdoors!

The design of the circular trampoline is such that it can withstand any aura, all year round. Steel elements are resistant to corrosion, and the surface around the jumping area is adapted to possible falls, minimizing the risk of injury.

Round trampolines are installed underground, digging the lower element into the surface, ensuring the stability of the entire element.

High-quality trampolines are a great option even for the most demanding children. They are used not only in home gardens, but also in playgrounds, in playrooms or outdoor events. Playing on such a device always provides a huge portion of a smile and cares for physical health.

Technical parameters:

Foundation depth
40 cm
The dimension of the mat to the jump
Device use zone
450cm x 450cm