90 degree trampolines
  • 90 degree trampolines

90 degree trampolines

A 90-degree  trampoline is a great idea for children and teenagers. In addition, each element of this type can be combined with each other to create a real combination, and therefore a much larger area for jumping.

Trampolines are an ideal proposition for effective physical activity. Thanks to the jumps, all parts of the body work, allowing you to develop your condition, and it strengthens motor coordination. Trampolines are perfect for this purpose, and at the same time guarantee a smile from ear to ear at all times.

Mounting the trampoline in the ground is simple and intuitive. It is worth noting that the mats are made of durable parts (lamellas) with anti-slip properties. Therefore, it ensures many hours of fun.

90-degree trampolines allow for easy connections, therefore such possibilities are used, among others, by gameplay parks by building large jumping surfaces. In addition, the method of implementing successive trampolines has been so coordinated that it is simple and at the same time ensures maximum stability of the structure.

Technical parameters:

Foundation depth
40 cm
The dimension of the mat to the jump
Device use zone
450cm x 450cm