Square trampolines
  • Square trampolines

Square trampolines

Square trampolines are a great opportunity to play for both children and adults. These types of sets can also be combined with each other, creating a real jumping field, called by some people, e.g. craters, at the same time increasing the number of participants in the game at one time.

Trampolines - also square ones - mean a constantly growing interest in this type of attractions, not only at home in the garden, but also in amusement parks. It provides a smile for many hours and active physical effort. Durable and strong springs are a guarantee of solid jumps up, both by younger participants and those definitely older.

As is the case with other trampolines, square trampolines can also be reliably placed in the ground, without the risk of instability, loss of structural stability, or risk of injury. In each case, the material is also called vandal-proof and belongs to the group that can be used all year round in open and closed areas.

Square trampolines are made of non-slip and durable parts, thanks to which the jumps involve basically all muscle groups, improving endurance and human condition.

Technical parameters:

Foundation depth
40 cm
The dimension of the mat to the jump
Device use zone
450cm x 450cm